My Chat with Neil Patel

Today was a great day!

I got to have a 30 minute Skype with Neil Patel.

For those who have been living under a rock for a few years Neil is a famous Entrepreneur. Neil is the founder of Kiss Metrics, Crazy Egg and Quicksprout. He has worked for many of the worlds largest brands including Microsoft, AOL and Tech Crunch. He was even tipped as a leading pioneer by President Obama.

His strapline is “I’m Kind of a Big Deal” and do you know what… he is!

It was exciting to have the opportunity to talk with Neil, I’ve been following his work for a while and I must admit I was a bit star-struck. Considering he became a multi-millionaire by the age 25 he’s achieved more than most will in a lifetime. He still finds the time to talk with the likes of me!

Here’s a little more about Neil

We had a few technical difficulties with Skype so I had to which over to audio, even that didn’t work too well. I managed to fix it with my masterful technical skills!

The time I spent working with Neil was very valuable to me, so I decided to speak with him more about business strategy. Given that I have a good knowledge of SEO, I thought it would be better to go over some of the challenges that I face as a Digital Marketing Agency. We spoke in depth about some of the difficulties of gaining critical mass and sustainability in terms of business strategy.

I was pleased that he agreed that I should stay focused on my core area of expertise and that the future of Digital will be based upon Content Strategy, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Opt-in Email.

I found him to be very pragmatic in terms of his approach, he broke down a few steps that I should take and also reminded me that clarity is key. (I have a tendency to stay too focused on the technicalities of Digital and Search like most.)

I had thought that part of my task in digital is to stay on top of the latest and greatest reading and learning. Whilst that’s great my task is to deliver and teach my clients what to do. Although SEO is getting harder given the recent updates. It wasn’t my original focus, coming from a tradtional marketing background. I set-out to develop brands online by careful measurement, driving conversions which are focused on user-experience.

Whilst SEO is a large part of what I do, it isn’t the be all and end all.

We spoke about how competitive the SEO industry is and that some forms of perceived authority isn’t as valid as it is in offline marketing. He adviced me to speak at conferences – I don’t even like the sound of my own voice can’t see me doing that any time soon. (hence why i’m learning to write) so I’ll put it on my list of things I’ll do before I’m 40!

One of the things that he reminded me to do is blog more! great!, a new post every week he said!,

Why know alot about SEO and Marketing and not tell anyone? or more to the point he said show people what you do!

So I will make a better effort to blog more, once a week…

Disclaimer: I’m sure that Neil doesn’t endorse anyone who writes about him or a conversion, I’m following his advice and just blogging about what I’ve been doing.


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