Video Marketing

As video becomes more accessible the masses, it could be a very important part of your digital marketing, one that if done correctly can really help your audience to engage with your product, service or brand.

When people watch opt-in videos you have their attention for a moment, therefore the task is to create a viewer experience to engage with your subject matter. As people are spending more time consuming media its only right video should feature as part of your digital marketing efforts.great it doesn’t involve much interaction by the end user and you have the opportunity to present your information in a powerful way.

Video’s are being indexed by Search Engines, which has given rise the new term of V.M-S.E.O (Video Marketing Search Engine Optimisation)

We are also able to combine platforms like Youtube and Google Adwords to syndicate content across the content display network to find sites and specific audience’s putting your video and rich media where it needs to be and at the right time.

The cost of production in recent years has fallen it really depends on the budget. We can create short text based motion graphics through to complete productions. We are also able to apply analytics to most video which helps us to understand the real impact how often the video is viewed – Where it has been watched and for what duration. This is especially useful when trying to understand page level conversion rates.

Videos can be placed around the internet on various video sites and point back to you creating a high authority link they can be added to your site to improve engagement and they are also indexed by search engines and are given good rankings. They can be viewed in many places from video sharing sites like You tube, Vimeo, Met café etc through to Social Networks and loaded on to difference devices like smart phones laptops and tablets. They are also appearing on  e-commerce – websites. at a product level, the possibilities are endless.
See? there are lots of places and ways in which your digtial video content can be used.

We first need to think of what we are hoping to achieve before we start video production. It’s not enough to say, ‘well I want my videos to be seen by everyone’ and ‘I would love it to go viral and I am known by everyone’.

Its true that some videos have gone global overnight videos like ‘Where the Hell is Matt? 2008’ (brilliant by the way) its had over 42 million views! and yet does it generate 42 million pounds? – it would be great if it did- but in general the view is free but it builds a brand and a following

If the above video was shot as a ‘viral’ for a travel company perhaps, they could gain 100’s bookings.

So the communications objectives need to be designed as does the content of the video.

We will work with you to create not only a powerful touch point for your brand but we will also work for you to find a way to embed Video Marketing as a core part of your digital marketing strategy.

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