Distilled U – My 60 minute review!

I recently joined the new Distilled U SEO training course online which is great, I like the material that Distilled puts out and really look forward to getting my free video every month from them. (although a members discount code to the link love videos would be great) (Mission accomplished, thanks for access to the videos as part of the package Will!) Even although I bought access to Moz Con 2012 it’s nice to have the event videos on demand.

I like that Distilled are the consulting arm of SEO Moz and that they are based in London. They’re flying the flag really well for the UK at the top of the SEO field considering that search has a lot of big names mainly from the states – we got skillz too!.

They’re also great because you can see that they have a great brand that really lives the value and promise made, by doing what they preach or as they might say “getting sh*t done” which reminds me of some of Steven Covey’s teachings “First things First” .. or this is how you go from ‘Good to Great’.

The Distilled U course is an online training programme for SEO professionals at any level and is in beta but it’s looking good. I’m always looking to improve what I do as a professional and in Search Engine Optimisation, so constant learning in our field is a must.

As the platform is still in beta they have launched a beginner’s programme which is actually comprehensive. The road-map also looks good with some of the future modules being developed.

I’ve found some it basic, but it’s to be expected at the level this course is aimed at. It’s also good to know that they’re teaching good fundamentals and sharing some of their research and to be honest, I’ve learnt a thing or two.

The course is divided into manageable sections and provides you with enough time to go over the subject and explore what you’ve learnt. At first I thought that the time per module was long but it takes the time to go over the material and apply the learning.

The SEO 101 course is divided into:

  • Keyword Research
  • On-page optimisation
  • Technical SEO
  • Link Analysis
  • Competitor Research.

Each of these sections have specific structured lessons, so it helps to break the subject up a little and at the end the module there’s a curated resources list, which is cool as it goes into more detail which is beyond the class. The only other way I would improve it would be to * make short videos for each section because then you’ve got visual and audio learning styles covered. but I’m sure there’s some great developments in the works. I would give it so far 4/ 5

There comes a point in SEO that knowledge must be quantified. I often become annoyed when someone’s got a mate called ‘Dave’ that does ‘SEO’. Coming from a Marketing background with a digital twist, I’m so surprised so many websites are built on a layer of spam. Distilled U is the first step to providing a high level of validity for SEO.

I look forward to the day when it’s used as an industry benchmark which will separate the good, bad and ugly. #RCS You can spend a lifetime reading blogs articles and self-promoting material (such as this I know!)

Distilled U covers a lot of the basics you might have missed but it also provides further information about the context of SEO and important each of the below areas are to the overall picture. There are so many skills we as SEO’s need to have, it’s the clients that benefit.


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