Future of Digital Advertising

The digital eco system is fragmented, whilst as in marketing we’re normally by our academic based considers the nature of segmentation to make sense of lots of systems etc.

The digital eco system if fuelled by lots of variations of digital products all trying to do similar things find clients, customers and connect with them.

When we look at some options available to us there are Mobile, Tablet, Paid Search

Display, and PPC, Rich media, banners, Video, MPU’s, leader boards, Applications, Email Marketing, Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation.

The creative always wins but it needs to create value, by adding value, data driven right place right time.

It needs to integrated but the objectives must be understood in advanced.

So should we plan our campaigns by the creative? Or media type?

All of these need a level of specialism to buy correctly first time as a media buyer; the marketer has evolved. Should a digital agency be able to cope with all of these? It depends on what the campaign objectives are, but also not to lean towards one because it’s easier to manage, or delivers some of the expected results.

You can either manage these internally or pay someone to do these things for you.

Who’s going to do the measurement? Analyse the traffic and understand the traffic.

The standardisation in mobile such as apple and android has been positive in the mobile space so will the carry forward into other areas of digital where everything become integrated into one platform.

The banner models broken click through rates are far too low and it’s become lazy to just rely on banners. When campaign s go wrong in terms of not delivering the expected results it not a reflection of the market it’s the buying or data that’s used.

When we look at leader like Coke, they’ve been around since 1886 and have founded many modern marketing practices and methodologies. This heritage tells a story in which they do so which many marketing communication strategies to enhance a customer’s journey.

Some of the ways they’re using paid search is to integrate the story as part of the experience. They’ve placed network ready vending machines all over the world. Someone viewing a advert on youtube can send someone, somewhere a free can of coke! The person can then record a video message to send back as a thank you!

This is a major breakthrough of ‘interactive augmented reality advertising’ that sets new standards for the future of digital advertising.

Lessons to be learnt

Conversations drive our eco systems in digital It’s more cost effective People have a fear of the unknown in digital Marketing.

At some point we’ll reach a point that online media consumption will out strip TV that days not too far away. (As seen in the time that people spend on Facebook and Mobile.) Therefore older forms of media must adapt or die. Most brands on TV use digital as a call to action i.e. twitter handles are everywhere and web addresses are standard.

So marketers must buy digital media more effectively through data It’s a exciting place to be in Digital marketing at the moment. I can’t wait to see what happens over the next few years with Mobile and interactive based advertising.


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