Brighton SEO: What you need to know!

Notes & Top Takeaways

Brighton SEO took place in the Brighton Dome. It’s a free event by Rough Agenda who started the event from meet up’s in a local pub. Over the years it has become one of the most popular SEO events and it’s free!

The tickets are sought-after though! The event tickets when announced sold-out within 7 minutes – that faster than “a half-price Bieber concert!” (Not that I have any personal experience with that).

It was a well-attended event and it was good to put a face to names with SEO’s attending from across the UK.

Try writing 25 headlines to improve CTR, it can help as a discipline to re-think the purpose of the content and piece.

That’s a tough one, to be honest I didn’t try 25 variations of this headline. Although I can see that as a useful exercise when creating content for a difficult niche or when looking at a site with a high bounce-rate.

Within Google Analytics Facebook comes in sometimes as direct. Due to header. Google find it hard to see the traffic source.

The battle between Facebook and Google continues! I’ve not given it much thought in the past about ‘Direct Sources’ within Analytics. It does make sense as Google do find it difficult to crawl Facebook and understand the relationship across facebook, i.e Likes!

Audience Size on Facebook is about 32m vs Twitter 10m (known UK active users)

Personally I don’t use Facebook and most of the SEO industry uses Twitter. But I’ve always loved the ability to target and understand demographic profiles. There are opportunities on Facebook to grow, especially in the B2C space. It can also be used to amplify the reach and syndication of content.

Cultural shift next gen, want fun, multi task, talk, collaborate.

Next gen are in the media it was around them at school. The previous generation’s mind-set isn’t where we are heading.

The next generation were brought-up around the internet and social media! Wow that made me feel old. Even although I built my first Website in 1999 and was proud to say, I was selling 233 celeron PC’s when they hit the market! I thought I was cutting edge!

I’m not sure that’s cool anymore! But we do need to consider that the norms and expectations are shifting as web-technology begins to offer more functionality, integration and collaborations.

Mobile first, because that’s where the largest audience is.

I’m currently working on a couple of re-design projects where the specs are ‘Fully-responsive’ media queries and specific device ready breakpoints. Working on the mobile version seems to make more sense, because I’ve been thinking about the sites scale down. It’s the other way around because more often than not Mobile is the first place for discovery and then it’s used on a desktop.

Content can be interactive and interesting that’s beyond blogging, content types

There are 168 hours in a week, our consumption digital media is growing by user. That could mean that cutting above the noise is becoming difficult or that there are more opportunities to market our products and services across media and devices.

Google is currently crawling data at 3 miles per second! (180 mph)

This was the most surprising statistic! We know that Google has always been obsessed by speed and returns a result within 0.3 seconds. So for them to be crawling the internet at 3 miles per second is outstanding. I think that’s a collective speed as I think some webservers would have problems dealing with serving the content which could crash the server, but who knows!

Here’s an interesting study I found whilst trying to find the source

Getting rid of Google Analytics

We’re optimising for Google not the user by allowing then to have our data in any way possible. QDF (Quality Deserves Freshness) I’ve got what I wanted from your site.

One of the talks focused on actively deleting Google Analytics from the beginning, because even although it’s free we’re giving Google too much information about our site usage. Even although they say they don’t use the data for ranking. They gain an advantage by providing a free product.

Personally I don’t Google Analytics as I once did.

We know about the Quality Deserves Freshness Algorithm so Google does reward sites who serve and create fresh relevant content. Sometimes analytics can only take you so far, because we can make so many wrong assumptions about the metrics. These are a consideration and that analytics is retrospective, after the event happened.

I like to think that if we’re working on getting the technicalities right, developing a sound SEO strategy alongside a great brand. Many of the things will start to come together and analytics can then be used as a tool to test assumptions and making improvements rather than a reporting tool.

Dr David Sewell – Google as predator: the evolution of search

This was perhaps one of the best workshops, I was waiting to get into the technical SEO workshop and was able to listen in. Sewell made some really interesting observations about the evolution of search and how that compares to nature, (Darwin).

When we stop to think about it, Google employ some of the smartest minds in the world. So even although some of the updates seem punitive they’re not, it’s just search is evolving. If anyone is to beat Google, they need to provide better results. Given the above that they’re crawling the net a 180 mph it’s growing and they need to ensure the quality is there.

Some of the recent updates look like they’re building the Matt Cutts Terminator

  • They have Google Glass which great predators have
  • They’ve just brought Boston Dynamics – so they know how to build Robots
  • Deep mind an artificial intelligence machine learning
  • Google Fibre – for a connected network
  • Self-driving cars
  • Nest monitors and sensors network in your home
  • Google Titan Aerospace – Drones
  • Slick login – Voice detection for logins
  • Green Throttle games -Controllers

The revolution will not be televised – before Skynet blogs existed….

When we think of the internet, many often think of social networks which have taken off and gained traction and a solid user base. Yet it’s almost apparent that networks would form which aren’t just limited to social media, Sites like Amazon, online Portals such as Right move, Auto trader, Ebay, Esty, have positively and negatively impacted on business online. There’s virtually a portal for every industry. (If not, let’s create one!)

Although branded search traffic can covert at a higher level than paid. There are many opportunities to use these portals to drive traffic and create sales. Given that Google are constantly making changes some of these sites are protected through critical mass and can be used to drive sales over traffic.

So creating a relationship paid or through partnerships could become more valuable than building links. The digital landscape is changing at a fast pace.

The way we are consuming media is changing via apps, mobile sites, api’s that share data, second and third screens. So we need to adapt what we are doing beyond Google.

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