The Art of SEO by Eric Enge and Rand Fishkin

I recently brought a copy of the art of SEO from Amazon, which I’m really enjoying when I heard it was coming out I rushed over to Amazon but couldn’t find it listed as a U.k book as it was only available in the states, so I paid £80 to have it imported!

To me its worth every penny, some have said what’s the point as SEO text goes out of date so fast?

(Update I brought the 3rd edition in 2016 which is better)

The book itself is very well written and has over 643 pages (Sadly not many pictures!)

It covers every area of SEO in detail which is really helpful as I tend to pick up most of my knowledge by reading articles blog and watching videos. It’s quite easy to miss some important things listen to the wrong advice or to be able to understand why something are the way they are.

Eric and Rand are two of my favorite option leaders and I use Seo Moz everyday as a favioute tool and place to go.

Good SEO theory like this is timeless, because at least you’ve got a solid evidence base to refer back to.

The structure of the book is great, as it leads you through a detailed plan of how to apply SEO in the real world and create an actionable SEO plans. Sometimes it can be tough in search because we cross over into so many sectors and it can be tough to find strategies that will work. This book helps to fill in the creative gaps.

I often use it when I need to think a bit more in detail about an idea I might have. Its nice to go to a source that’s trusted, If I could do a degree in SEO I’m sure that this would be one of the core text books.

I particularly like the chapters that cover keyword research as it goes beyond standard keywords and looks at the behavioral aspect of why and what people search for it also show us about Heat maps which are cool, I’ve seen them used at a few events and its easy to forget how advanced SEO can be As we should think more about the psychology of selling and how this relates to technical enterprise SEO. Its also got a great chart of CTR when it comes to rankings, which I’m always forgetting as I do pay-per-click strategy as well.

As this book covers so many areas its easy to forget how large and diverse the skill sets need to be in modern SEO, there are 1,000’s of things we can do to help our search visibility.

I highly recommend anyone at any level to get this book as definitive guide to SEO

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