Deeper into Conversation Rate Optimisation

There’s an old saying in Marketing…

50% of my budget is wasted but I don’t know which half
(John Nelson Wanamaker, 1875)

Conversion Rate Optimisation is testing and analysis used to better understand how visitors behave or interact with a website. We seek learn about what evokes a desired action leading to a sale or conversion.

Conversion Rate Optimisation the most sought-after area in Digital Marketing because we’re optimising the brand at a much higher-level. This goes beyond design and content. We are seeking to find the ‘Zero Moment of Truth’ for the brand.

The key difference with Digital Marketing compared with other forms of conventional marketing and advertising is measurement.

Overall we are trying to improve the return on investment per visitor rather than passively waiting for the results after the campaign or after event has occurred.

By focusing on the tasks and steps we attribute to the conversion we’re able to go beyond the content, brand strategy. This thinking is used to drive forward profitability.

The process and deliverables of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is built upon making data-driven decisions whilst considering paths, content types and understanding the buyers journey.

If external media drives traffic from:

We need to consider how effective these individual channels are and how consumer behaviours differ depending on the channel used.

By considering the cost-per-acquisition model, sale or enquiry holistically we can then use this information to budget and forecast growth.

It can also learn about what approaches are working in isolation or together which forms the attribution model which can vary depending on the business.

Hit or miss?

We know why some websites work and others don’t

Every website is different and has become a medium used by most companies. Yet many companies don’t fully understand the technicalities of how the sales cycle works on their website. (After all you may read a brochure but you visit a website).

There is a knowledge gap between teams, often these differences in practice causes teams to work in silo’s

This is understandable due to access and analysis of data tools and systems available.

Conversion Rate Optimisation approaches often aren’t covered in the initial web design build. CRO is much broader than adjusting forms and running tests. Call-to-action is perhaps one of the most misunderstood words used by many when considering the outcome of direct response advertising.

The process is often be more detailed than just changing copy or design. By removing conjecture out of the mix we able to use our observations to better understand our customers and test our hypothesis over a suitable period.

Whilst there are differing objectives behind the intent to advertise or the desired interaction required by customers to the brand. Conversion Rate Optimisation seeks to understand the persuasive nature of content, usability design, brand, copy, structure grouping emotional connectivity, value proposition.

There are many components of the conversion cycle and needs to be considered with the organisational key-performance-indicators in mind.

Often they need defining as part of the wider strategy often missed or needs to be clarified.

Above all Conversion Rate Optimisation is about improving performance and profitability for clients.

It’s an ongoing learning process which needs much thought and testing to ensure you’re getting the best from your digital marketing activities.


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