Google Training Day

I attended an advanced Bootcamp training day at Google for Youtube Marketing. The day was part of our exams and the first part of the day was focused on Display Advertising.

I frequently go to Google as part of my ongoing training  I’m trying to practice what I preach and write a little more about what I’ve been doing.

I’m due to do my Google Display exam later this year so this post is for me to remember some of the areas that we covered so I can look back at my some of my notes rather than trying to figure-out which note book I used that day!


Display Advertising

  • Demographics, Interests, Websites & keywords can be connected buyers journey
  • Search and Display don’t work along the same lines – they’re different by their nature
  • How do you know what you’re looking for if you don’t know it exists?
  • Awareness > Branding > Traffic > Engagement
  • Multi-funnel attribution funnel isn’t last touch
  • Display can drive search and work together in harmony
  • Advertising can be more emotional and creative, video, ads and more control beyond 2 lines of text.
  • Display we’re going beyond the keyword into contextual advertising and controlling the environment such as placement on the Google Display Network.
  • Remarketing can also assist the funnel – again beyond last touch
  • Display requires a strategy, creative and planning, persona, measurement, views, geo interests, other parts of the company product launches, etc
  • Display can take more time, then compared to the whole funnel
  • Ads may need to be seen more than one to have an effect on the end-user
  • We can tap into the current external marketing environment – news and trends, products, other lead gen then sales, sign-ups etc
  • You can be very specific about demographics and affinity interests.
  • We can go more programmatic in terms of our bidding strategies , placements, categories, in-market audiences because their prequalification may not be so cold


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