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This post is the second part of the last post, yesterday I went to Google to get training on Youtube advertising. I’ve run video campaigns before but not for a while so it was good to re-learn many of the features that are available to advertisers. Video marketing can be a very powerful form of adverting which if done correctly can deliver a higher level of emotional engagement for users, beyond typical advertising or text based PPC.

It’s worth noting that Youtube compared to Google can be seen as an add-on search engine with people searching every day for information. The amount of data available to us can teach us about audience personas which are actually quite close to the mark when compared to what we do online.

Youtube Training Notes

• YouTube is a global video platform – not just local compared to search – a form of display a visual media!
• It can be more instructional compared to text base informational – top of the funnel
• People prefer True-view and skip less every time
• Peaking interest is key in the first 5 seconds
• Curiosity didn’t kill the cat on YouTube
• Attention grabbing and Humour are important for getting true-view
• Less than 10% of people will skip an advert
• Watches the entire video or interacts with the video, likes, shares clicks
• In-stream (in the video, before or during) and Indisplay beside or alongside
• In-stream video ads – pay only when viewer watches 30 seconds therefore better user experience
• Overlays can be used on overlays, send people to the webpage or channel
• True-view only pay when watches the first 30 seconds
• True-view in-stream is less disruptive
• True-view is cost per view CPV (Cost-per-view)
• True view In-display in search results and beside and alongside another video, send people to video or channel
• Reach your ideal customer, Age, gender or if unknown to Google
• Show-up on different devices, Measure your impact and build a following on YouTube
• Create a brand asset in terms of views over time which can then become a trust signal
• Topics and interests, interests are around their past behaviours
• Import re-marketing lists from AdWords or create them as part of the campaign
• Re-marketing lists have a wide range of behavioural options over 10 options available as an advanced concept, shares, likes, channel pages, comments, subscribe, dislikes etc.
• Minutes watch is a metric for YouTube, most people are signed in on YouTube
• People can watch videos around the world, so it’s not so geo-targeted organically, which can provide us with insights into how our content performs in other countries.
• It can be an opt-in form of advertising for subscriptions to channels which creates an ongoing relationship

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