Training Learning and Growing with Google

Over the last six months I have been more or less training at Google weekly after being selected as one of their Top 30 UK Agencies. That within its self is a very proud achievement.

Yet as I look back perhaps the most enjoyable part of my training has been about learning how to build a successful agency. Many of the lessons and examples taught can’t be gleaned from a text book, blog post or webinar.

Upon reflection the most valuable lesson I took from this experience is to entirely trust myself, background and experience in marketing, digital, PPC and business thinking. Yet application of this knowledge and delivery is everything. The more I learn the less i know.

To borrow from Kipling: “If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too”

In hindsight most challenging part of the programme has been the exams and bootcamps. They’ve been tough! As I chose to do them in succession. With notepads full of notes and thousands of questions answered it really shows how challenging, complex and technical the world of paid search can be. (And I’ve been doing paid search concurrently for 11 years)

On this journey I have met and worked with several wonderful and inspiring agencies, consultants and trainers each of which helped me realise my potential and have given me a new wave of confidence to continue growing and scaling my business model.

In particular I enjoyed working with Robert Craven. He is a brilliant Business Coach and I can see why Google chose him to lead this programme of the brightest and best UK agencies.

I’m grateful for the amount of support from Google and it really shows they are committed to working in partnership together.

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