Improve visibility with Search Engine Optimisation

In recent years we’ve search has evolved and become very sophisticated. At a basic level the search engine seeks to understand a generic language dated but necessary for the web to work globally in its present form. In order to keep-up with Google, the fundamentals of SEO must be carried out which reflect your brand and presence online. Brands have become publishers and users are searching every day. SEO seeks to connect the gap between the Search Engine, The User and Brand.

Search as a form of media has integrity which can carry a long-term value to the brand if it is seen and provides what users are looking for.

The Evolution of SEO

The explosion of the internet has been the greatest achievement of the past century.

It was only natural that a technology would emerge, to manage and organise the content of the websites and webpage’s that make up the visible internet.

We all look to Google as the leading Search Engine today; they rightly deserve respect. When we consider that Google was created as a small project called ‘Back Rub’ in 1996 by two engineers from Stanford University. The engine uses some principles of academic referencing to index the web.

Which is what makes Google better than others and helped them become number one. They built a better engine.

Plus the processing power and data modelling that’s needed to crawl each website to provide accurate search results  given the size of the rapidly growing index.

Google is still able crawl, index and rank a website then to return a results page within 0.3 seconds. (That’s faster than the strike of a diamond back rattle snake!)

Search Engine Functions

Do you know your SEO?

Ranking Factors

Search Engines are always seeking to improve ranking factors, Google changes and is known to refresh up to 6 times per day they make over 500 changes per year.

Seo Fundamentals

Page Rank is an ‘Iterative Algorithm’ so it doesn’t stay static; it’s passed back and forth depending on the links per page (a little like water being carried from page to page, site to site.)

SEO Problems

Most websites can benefit from some forms of SEO because it’s often overlooked at the development stage.

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