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It’s mine, and no you can’t see it!

Eric Ward’s private newsletter is now closed to new memberships. I’m pleased and proud that I’m a member of this exclusive club. Eric only allows up to about 300 people worldwide to receive his private newsletter which contains some of his latest research. We in SEO love writing about what we’ve learnt about but Eric’s newsletters great because his research isn’t published anywhere else and he is a world leading linkbuilder / the linkbuilder way before everyone else!

Eric teaches us to think more creatively about what we are doing to improve our working knowledge about SEO and how we increase visibility in a sustainable way.

He also curates his reading list for us so it’s helpful for us to be able to cut through all of the noise that’s part of our sector as we can quickly get drawn into a lot of the hearsay floating around on blogs and twitter etc. to me its worth more than 100 blog posts from other professionals.

For those who don’t know who Eric is he’s known in most SEO circles as ‘Link Moses’, since the beginning of the internet he has been thinking about how to improve linking the internet together earning the respect of most serious SEO professionals.

We won’t disclose the information provided to us in his newsletters and some of the strategies might not be applicable to all of our clients but our clients do gain a benefit by us using some of his methodologies and practice. In modern search its become more about the thought process rather than chasing rankings.

(Disclaimer: I’m sure Eric doesn’t endorse individual people or companies that have access to his newsletter. The above post is just my personal review and this is me naturally linking to quality stuff, i have also had private consults with Eric and continue to apply the princples he taught me to my clients day-to-day)

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