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Understand performance with Google Analytics

The application of Analytics is perhaps one of the best kept secrets in Digital Marketing. The information created and provided can help us to understand our web performance and create change based on a data-driven approach. Analytics is often underutilised and sometimes seen as a passive reporting tool. Yet the use of this data is the key to success online.

If you’re not measuring you’re not Marketing

The depth of information available to use in Google Analytics is what sets Digital Marketing apart from other traditional routes. If used correctly it can become the ‘binding-glue’ that helps harness technical and non-technical teams together from:

  • Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Social
  • P.R
  • Paid
  • SEO

All the way to a small business owner that wants to grow their business online.

Google Analytics is a tool and as such needs skill to interpret the information meaning and context. The application is of analysis thereafter is everything.

“If content is the commodity of the internet, then data must be the new currency”

By using Analytics we can:

  • Understand the return on investment from online marketing activities
  • Help define campaign performance both comparative and current
  • Research patterns and trends including, seasonal reoccurring time date and device.
  • Segment visitors and channel performance such as paid, email, social and organic
  • Define specific or adaptable key performance indicators
  • Learn about visitor engagement both positive and negative
  • Identify visitor acquisition paths from geographic, referral, device type  and direct paths
  • Provide us with the ability to test our hypothesis
  • Breakdown conversion funnel attributions
  • Improve metrics and dimensions by measurement and analysis
Contact Form Enquires
E-marketing Visits and behaviour
Sales Completed and pages used
PPC Visits & Keywords used
Organic Visits from SEO
Bounce Rate Average and compared
Mobile Visitors
Pages Shared on Social
Localised Visitors
Returned & Completed a Sale
Page Level Technical Performance

The possibilities are endless with 100’s of ways to slice and dice the information available to us. Above all, analytics requires a curious mind and needs constant attention over a period of time to ensure findings are being utilised and applied.

The key to utilising the functionality available within Google Analytics is to effectively implement a custom key performance indicator installation for the business it seeks to serve.

These indicators are designed and developed as part of the output of a wider analytics audit which is aligned to strategy.

Each metric and data dimension is then carefully defined analysed and reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure the correct data is being used to base decisions on our improvements.

Liquid Silver can help you to:

  • Learn how to read and understand the information within Google Analytics from a basic to advance level.
  • We can undertake a comprehensive audit to create the basis to build a strategy upon
  • Implement custom reporting, technical configurations, dashboards, goals, performance alerts, and event tracking and remarketing.
  • Work alongside internal or external teams to bridge the gap between in-house and agency services.
  • Provide reports and present findings on a monthly or annual basis
  • Consult and define key performance indicators.
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